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Adding Attachments to your E-mail

there are a few different ways to do this depending on which email provider you use

first step

prepare the file, document or picture you wish to attach and send (Note were this file or picture is located you will need this information later),

is it in your document folder, picture folder or desktop

i will explain files and documents first

once you have noted were the file or document is saved

go to your email account, click on new email, type in the sender email address, add your subject

then click the icon that says attachments

this maybe a little different for each provider, may say add attachment or it may just be a picture of a paper clip

click on this a screen will appear, this is where you locate your file or folder you wish to attach

at the top of the window it will say for example your name/ user/ documents(this will be a little different for each provider

if this directs you to the right place you want to be (look at the last word {document, pictures, desktop ext}then below you should be able to find your file or document, if so double click on file or folder

if the file on the top of the window does not show you were you want to be look to the left of the window

it will list folders, document, pictures, desktop ect.

click the folder that contains your document or file you wish to send

then again scroll through the files and double click on the file or document you wish to send

it may take a few seconds to load your attachment to the email depending on the side of the file or document

once it is loaded you can click the send button on your email. sounds worse than it is but don't worry if you need help with this for a specific email provider, google, windows, live, gmail, aol ect leave me a comment on my web page at the bottom and specify your provider

i will email you specific instructions accordingly

ok how to send pictures

sending pictures is almost the same way, in fact if you are sending just one picture is is the exact same way as above

to send more than one picture you have two ways to do this

one you can repeat each step above for each picture then when all pictures are attached to email click send email

if you are sending several pictures this method could be very time consuming

so what you can do is go to you picture folder were all your pictures are saved

right click and select new then click on folder

this will provide you with a new folder

simply copy each picture you wish to send and paste it in this new folder

CAUTION DO NOT cut pictures to new folder make you copy pictures or you will no longer have these pictures in your original folder

once you have your new folder with all your pictures ready

right click on this new folder and scroll down to where it says send to then another screen appears

click on compress(zip folder)

this will copy a new folder again to your picture folder and it will say zipped on it

this will allow you to send everything in the folder at one time

now simply go back to your email, click new, add your email address you are sending to, add your subject,

again click the attachment button or paper clip icon

the same window will appear as before

click on the left where it say picture folder then all your pictures and files will appear

click on the folder you created that says zipped

wait for it to load

then click send

if you zipped a file and sent it to someone, when they receive it they will have to save the file to there computer

after saving it they can reverse the process by right clicking on the file and click unzip folder

this will copy a new file to the computer which they can now open and view the pictures you sent them

again if you need specific help please leave a comment at the bottom of my website with your email address

i will send you specific instructions for that provider


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