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Get your website on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing search Engines

The most important thing when you are setting up your webpage is your meta tags, h1 and h2 tags. I can type in Google larry's computer classes(my page) and 7 out of the ten listing on the first page of google search are my sites. Remember be patient it takes time for everything to come together. Googlebots are out there searching 24 hours a day but there is a lot of information to rank. Here is a sample of what my meta tags look like. Remember these tags go before your "head tags;" at the very beginning of your page on css and at the beginning of your index.html page with frames.

"meta name" "Description" content=basic computer, basic class, free tutorials, web page designing, web design, software questions, beginner classes, intermediate classes, education, ask a question, Microsoft, classes, Excel, Power Point, Word, learn from your own computer in your own home, training from home.

Once you have all your meta tags in place with your keywords; the next step is to create h1 and h2 tags matching your keywords. Here is how I set up my header section of my website codes. Take a close look at how everything matches. My h1 tag- Title Larry Computer Classes in meta tag (keywords) h2 tags Beginner Classes, intermediate classes, Web design, free tutorials, Excel, Powerpoint and Word, all in tags keywords.

This is very important when your website is scanned by Googlebots. If your keywords in your meta tags doesn't match what is in your h1 and h2 tags googlebots will ignore them. Your site will not show up when people enter these search words in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. "alt" tags are also important to Googlebots.

I believe this is done by search engines because of people putting unnecessary keywords in the meta tags to get visits on there website. Example: ever put in a keyword or phrase in Google search like food; and you get a bunch of websites that are cars, vacation, insurance, shoes.... this is why this was happening. So to stop this from happening the search engines were designed to match meta tags with words on the website in the header and subheader titles.

Other tips for meta tags are word spelling. If there is a word in your title that is commonly misspelled add it to your meta tags(keywords). Example: My title is Larry's computer classes; so in my meta tag I also added Larry's and Larrry's computer classes.


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