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Create a user account

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Create a non administrative account

Why do we need a non administrative account? There is two reasons for creating this account. One: if you have a non admin account created and you are using this account instead of the full admin account and you receive a virus the virus will be contained in the non admin account and will not affect your admin account or any other user account. Two: I will show you how to password protect your non admin account which will make it much more difficult for someone to hack into this account. This will make your computer and your information more secure.

How to create a non admin account?

First go to your start menu and click on control panel.

Next click on user accounts.

Next click on manage another account.

Click on create a new account.

Enter a name for your account. ( I will use My Account for an example).

Below name you have two options; one standard account or administrative account

select standard account).

Click create account.

This will bring you to a window that shows all your accounts.

Next click the icon for My Account then on the next page click create a password.

Select a secure password one that is just random letters and numbers with a character.

(/ _ ^ &) and must contain atleast 7 digits.

Reenter password and then a phrase or a word in the hint box.

Now your account is created and a password makes it secure.

Next if you would like you can change the picture.

Click on change picture and a screen will appear with some examples, if you want your own picture here click on browse for more pictures and this will bring you to your picture file on your computer. Select a picture and click continue. You are all done.

To access your accounts simply click on your start menu and then click on log off, this is the same place you go to shut down or restart your computer. Once you have selected log off this will bring you to the main page that shows all your user accounts.

As I said in the beginning use your new user account for your everyday use. This will keep your computer more secure. If this user account gets corrupted you can simply delete this account and start with a new account. If your admin account gets corrupted you may need to reinstall the operating system which will cause you to lose all the information and files on your computer.


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