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Prevent Pop Ups

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Preventing pop up ads

Microsoft Internet Explorer

open internet explorer

click tools

click options

click the privacy tab

at the bottom of the privacy tab check the "block pop-ups" option

Mozilla Firefox

open mozilla firefox

click tools

click options

click the web features button on the left hand side

make sure pop up blocker is enabled


open netscape

click tools

click popup manager

in the popup manager you can adjust the settings of how you want pop ups to be blocked


open opera

click tools

click quick preferences

in the Quick preferences menu you will have options to "open all pup-ups", "open pop-ups in background", "Block unwanted pop-ups", and "block all pop-ups."


open safari

click on safari in your safari menu, located at the top of your screen

when the drop down menu appears, choose block pop up window.


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