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Try your computer skills. Write down the answers to the questions below and I will reveal the answers at the end of the questionnaire.

Question #1 Which one below are operating systems?


(B)Microsoft Excel

(C)Windows NT

(D)Word Pad

Question #2 If you delete something to your recycle bin is it deleted for ever?



Question #3 Is your document file a shared folder?



Question #4 What does transfer rate mean?

(A)amount of information on your computer

(B)how many files can you send to someone

(C)what size a file can be

(D)how fast information is sent over the internet

Question #5 The formula =sum(F4*G12) is used with what program?

(A)Microsoft Word

(B)Microsoft Excel

(C)Microsoft Power Point

(D)Microsoft Access

Question #6 Which one listed below is a router?




(D)all the above

Question #7 Which one below is a browser?


(B)Internet Explorer


(D)all the above

Question #8 What is an E-Mail attachment?

(A)a file sent with an E-Mail

(B)a picture sent with an E-Mail

(C)an E-Mail with a file or picture with in it

(D)all the above

Question #9 can you run Internet Explorer browser and Firefox browser at the same time?



Question #10 What equipment do you need to run a wireless computer?




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