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Creating a Screensaver

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first thing to do is go to your picture file

you only want pictures in this file that you want to appear on your screen saver

if you have pictures you do not want on your screen saver then create a separate file for them

in your picture file right click and select new and then select folder

drag and drop or cut and past any pictures you don't want in your screen saver and place in new folder

you can name your new folder when you create it or after you create it

when you create new folder the title box on the bottom will be in blue, simply type your new folder name

you can also change the name of this folder or any folder by placing your cursor on a folder and right clicking

then select rename

now we have to move this folder out of your picture file

simply drag and drop or cut and paste your new folder and place it were you would like it

to your document file or desktop ect...

you can create several folders like this by this process

you can create a vacation folder or family folder ect

place these individual folders in your document file

you can also create a new folder in your document file the same way

open document file right click, select new then select folder

drag and drop or copy and past all your individual picture files (vacation folder and family picture folder)into your new folder you named My Screen savers

now that you have your folders all set up in your document file

simply go to your document file open up your My Screen saver folder and drag and drop or cut and paste your selected folder to your picture folder

and if you have a folder already in your picture folder drag and drop or cut and paste that folder back to your My Screen saver file in your documents

wow now that we have all our folders created and you have selected one folder to your picture file

right click on your desk top and select properties or personalize

then select screen saver

a window will appear appear

select the drop down menu depending on what version operating system you have)it will say my pictures or windows live photo gallery ect...

click on this

then select the window that says wait___ minutes

this will set how long your computer will take to start you screen saver(if you set for 1 minute; after one minute of idle time on your computer your screen saver will start.

set at ten minutes screen saver will start after ten minutes of idle time

that is it you can select preview on this screen to see how your screen saver will look

again if you have any problems with this tutorial please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of my website then click comment button below.


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