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Speed Up Your Computer

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Some simple steps to help your computer start and run faster.

start by going to your start menu and click on control panel

go to add an remove if you are using windows XP or earlier and programs and features if your are running Vista or 7.

uninstall any programs you don't use especially toolbar (Ask, Google, Google Crome ect.


again go to start menu

click all programs

click accessories

click system tools

click disc clean up

a screen will appear asking from my files or from all users. If you have more than one user account set up click all user, if you are the only user then click my files only.

another window will appear asking disc clean up drive selection. should say (C:) click ok

it will take a minute or two to gather all the information

a window will appear with a list of files; make sure all boxes are check

click ok

a window will appear asking you to conform this action:click delete files


check your start menu folder and make sure there are no programs starting that you do not want running on start up

on Vista and 7

again start menu

click control panel

click Windows Defender

in some cases you will see windows defender turned off: click turn windows defender on

a window will appear at the top click tools

click software explorer

in the drop down window make sure it says start up programs

were it says AWS Convergence Technologies,Inc.

select each program one at a time then click on remove at the bottom (this will not delete the program it will only stop it from opening every time you start your computer)

on XP and earlier

start menu

click run

type in msconfig click ok

a window will appear with a list of programs installed on your computer

select start up at the top of the window

remove the check in the box of the programs you DON'T want to run at start up


open up your browser(internet explorer, firefox ect.)

click on tools

click on delete or remove history

click ok


start menu

all program or programs

click on accessories

system tools

click on disc defragmenter

Vista and newer click defragment now

XP and earlier click on analyze after analyzing it will tell you if you need to continue or not

this could take from several minutes to several hours but let it complete it is necessary

each operating system is a little different than the next XP, NT VISTA 7 are all a little different from each other. If you have any problems following these steps leave me a comment on this website at the bottom with your operating system type and which part you are having the problem with and you email address. I will email you step by step instructions for your specific needs.

if your computer still runs slow run a complete system scan with your virus protection software: you may have a virus slowing down your computer.


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